Straight Hemp Vape Battery

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The buttonless battery stylus has a dependable ceramic heating coils and is a 510 thread that works seamlessly with Straight Hemp Full Spectrum Vape Oil cartridges.

Straight Hemp 510 thread vape pen fits seamlessly with Straight Hemp vape cartridges.

Immediate onset with inhalation.

Inhale for a few seconds.

Works with any of our CBD Vape Oil refill cartridge sizes:
250mg CBD / 500mg Terpenes Cartridge
500mg CBD / 1000mg Terpenes Cartridge

Buttonless battery CBD vape pen uses a ceramic atomizer.

510 thread buttonless battery stylus works seamlessly with Straight Hemp Full Spectrum Vape cartridges.

Unlike some metal coils that can dissolve under high heat, our ceramic heating coils do not.