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Drink in the Box

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Product Description

We set out to make the ultimate travel drink box. We wanted something that was really convenient, meaning it needed to travel well and could fit into lunch boxes and lunch bags easily. We knew that it had to be made of the highest type of material that was safe and durable so that it could be used and reused. Well the wait is over! Welcome to the Drink in the Box your better drink box. Have a look at what makes it so unique.


There are many reasons Drink in the Box is A BETTER DRINK BOX. Here are the key ones:

Fill with healthy drinks

As parents we want to give our children healthy food and drinks, so EVERYONE knows not to give soda pop due to its high sugar content. But did you know that the average disposable juice box can hold up to 7 teaspoons of sugar?? Just 2 disposable juice boxes a day add up to 30 pounds or 13 kilograms of sugar each year from this source alone?


Drink in the Box gives parents a way to reduce sugary drinks by filling DIB with healthy alternatives like water and sliced fruit!

DIB is designed in Canada and made from USA sourced TRITANTM, so is fully safety tested, and is BPA and Phthalate Free – so safe to drink from!!
Drink in the Box won’t leak or squirt!

We spent years in research and design to perfect Drink in the Box, so that we would have a product which resembles a drink box, is small and easy to hold, fits nicely in lunch bags, and is fun for kids to use, but we had to make sure it would not leak or squirt making your lunch soggy or your shirt messy!

Drink in the Box will last for years!

TRITANTM is made to stand up to the harshest conditions on earth – surviving the punishment our kids can do to a product! We made DIB so tough, it will endure being dropped down stairs, thrown on the floor, heck, our designer even ran over it with his car!

Its easy to clean.

DIB will last for more than 1500 dishwasher cycles – so that is 3 to 5 years before showing its age. And if your child ever loses any of the medical grade silicone spout or seals, you can get a replacement kit to easily keep your Drink in the Box working like new.

Drink in the Box is Earth Friendly and reduced trash!

o Did you know that most disposable juice boxes will take more than 300+ years to biodegrade in landfills?
o Last year more than 174 Billlion were sold but only 22% were ever recycled, that means over 5 years, 1 TRILLION will hit our landfills.

How much is a Trillion disposable juice boxes?


Better Planet
A Better Drink Box.


Did you know that disposable juice boxes can have hidden mold?

A Google/Bing search brings up over 1.5 Million hits on: “juice box mold”. Drink in the Box lets you SEE what your children are drinking and is filled with FRESH choices every day.


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