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Buy Back Program

How much to I get?

  • Store Credit:
    • o   Diapers: Get 50% of the value / Maternity Clothes: Get 25% of the value
  • Check: Must be $100 or more for Diapers and $50 or more for Maternity Clothes
    • o   Get 40% of the value for Diapers and 15% of the value for Maternity Clothes


Is there anything I can't sell? 

  • o   Diapers:
    • o   Brands not accepted:  Alva, Kawaii, Sun baby, Baby Wizard, and the like
    • o   Fabrics not accepted: Microfiber inserts (not paired with a diaper), charcoal bamboo diapers or inserts
    • o   Things we limit: Charlie banana, fuzzi bunz, gdiaper, one size covers, fitteds, small sized wool and random inserts.
    • o   Conditions not accepted: Items where a brand cannot clearly be identified, diapers that have holes, relaxed elastic, worn pul/tpu, aging hook & loop (aplix), items that need repair in any way, diapers that have stains that we believe will not remove easily and items with smoke or fowl smell.
  • o   Maternity:
    • o   Conditions not accepted: Things with holes, bleach spots, missing buttons, broken zippers, stains, smoke or foul smells, ect.
    • o   Items not accepted: Used nursing bras, clothing not specifically labeled as “maternity”
    • o   Things we limit: Clothing is taken according to the season we need at the time.


How to sell?

1.) Give them a good washing (for diapers us a bit of bleach to get out any stinkies then sun out any stains before tossing them in the dryer)

2.) Drop them off & look for our call or text.

3.) If we don’t hear back from you in 48 hours, we will consider your items “abandoned property” will appropriate any store credit and donate anything we cannot buy. If you choose not to sell please pick up your items within 48 hours or we will use the “abandoned property” rule as stated above. When returning our phone calls you must get ahold of a staff member. Our voicemail is inaccessible and will not count as communication.

4.) You can choose to donate what could not be purchased. We donate unpurchased maternity clothes to New Spring Thrift and unpurchased diapering items to Rebecca Foundation Clarksville Chapter.


*This program is subject to change at any time. Please review the information here before deciding to sell. 


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