A Tour through Cloth Diapers: Styles

Posted by Shani Simms on 9th Aug 2014

A Tour through Cloth Diapers: Styles

You could spend hours researching different styles of cloth diapers. The best way to learn is to take a trip to a local store and see everything in person. We know that isn't always possible, so we hope this helps.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of choices. They are all just diapers. You basically have something to absorb and something to make it waterproof. Different styles are simply determined by how the makers decided to sew them together.

One use before wash: Want to change the entire diaper every time? “All in one” and “pocket diapers” are the only two styles where the whole diaper comes off each diaper change. They are perfect for daycare or people who are unfamiliar with cloth diapers because the caregiver can simply put a whole clean diaper on every time.

All in One (AIO): The entire diaper is attached to an outer waterproofing. This style is the most convenient and offers the least amount of work. It is the second most popular style of diaper purchased at Bump and Rump.

Pocket Diaper: This diaper has an insert that stuffs inside of it and needs to be put together before each use and taken apart before it is put in the laundry. It will dry faster than the all in one because it comes apart, but does not offer the same level of convenience. Most brands offer two size inserts one for newborn (can be used as a doubler later), and a one size insert. This makes it less bulky for smaller babies because you have the option to use a small insert until they grow into the largest size.

Multi-use combinations: If you don’t want to change the entire diaper every time then you will choose a combination from something below.


This goes over an absorbent inside piece making it waterproof. It can be used with anything explained below.


There are inserts that snap into covers like Best Bottom or Gro-Via brand or inserts that lay into a cover like Flip or Punkin butt hemp inserts. When choosing this option we recommend about 3 inserts for each cover because you will change the insert more often than the cover. This is our #1 bestselling style of diaper. (Gro-Via specifically). We recommend 2-3 inserts for every cover.


A fitted diaper is in the shape of a diaper but not waterproof. It can be used with a cover to make it waterproof and changed several times before the cover needs to be washed. This is a great night time option because it offers the most fabric to cover baby and absorb. We recommend 3-4 fitteds for every cover.


A prefold is a square or rectangle piece of fabric that is thicker in the middle and thinner on either side. It can be folded in thirds and used like an insert or wrapped around baby with a diaper closure like a snappi, boingo or diaper pins. This is to be used with a cover to be water proof. We recommend 3 prefolds for each cover.


This is the oldest style of diaper. It is a big square piece of fabric one layer thick that needs to be folded up to use as a diaper. You can use a closure like a snappi, boingo or diaper pins or fold it into a pad and use as an insert with a diaper cover. You can change the flat several times before changing the cover. We recommend 3 flats for each cover.


Wool needs to be hand washed in the sink with a lanolin wash like eucalan. Lanolin makes wool water resistant and a great option for a diaper cover. What makes wool different from other diaper covers is that wool will absorb up to 30% of its weight if it needs too. It also self-cleans so doesn’t need to be washed nearly as often as a regular diaper cover. Allow your cover to air dry between uses and wash ever 2-8 weeks or when soiled.